Tennis Racquet Stringing

Staff stringing racquets in our Calgary storeRacquet Network is the sponsor and official tennis racquet stringer for Tennis Calgary.

Racquet Network offers both:

CUSTOM racquet stringing customers can choose from the following turnaround options:

OPEN: Every day except holidays
WEEKDAY HOURS: 11:00am-7:00pm
WEEKEND HOURS: 11:00am-5:00pm


All tennis racquets are strung on a Gamma 8800 ELS 6-point stringing machine for precision results. All tennis stringers are fully trained in US Racquet Stringer’s Association methods in order to ensure quality outcomes. All racquets are verified by a second stringer before being returned to clients.

Expert Assistance

Racquet Network stocks more than 150 kinds of string in several different gauges. Staff are trained to help customers select the category, gauge and brand that is best for their frame and playing style. Most in-store employees are also certified coaches.

Extra Service

Clients who prefer hybrid stringing jobs are permitted to store unused string in their client files for use in their next re-stringing. Custom specifications are also stored in every client file so that clients don’t have to remember exactly what they had done “last time”.

Flexible Turnaround

Custom racquet stringing clients who are not in a hurry or want to save some money, can choose one-week guaranteed turnaround — although it rarely takes more than a few days. Clients who are in a hurry can pay a little more to jump ahead of other people in line. Most racquet stringing clients choose one-day guaranteed turnaround, but we also offer you the option of making an appointment and getting your racquet back in an hour.

Money Saving Tips

Frequent stringers can save an additional 10% on every order by reviewing our racquet stringing services online within 30 days. Please see our website for full details.