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Retro Night at Rosedale

The Rosedale Tennis Club is doing something a fun tomorrow. Their regular weekly drop in tennis program on July 31 will be adopting a 70s theme.

This is an annual event at Rosedale. Players who attend are loaned wooden racquets and asked to dress in their favorite tennis outfit from the 1970s. As images in the photo album on the club’s website illustrate, their members really get into the spirit of the event.

For those who have never been there, Rosedale Tennis Club is located in the community of Rosedale at 901 – 11th Avenue NW. It features three hard courts, lights, windscreens and a ball machine. In recent years, there have been enough members to support two teams in the Calgary Interclub Tennis League. One at the 3.0 level and one at 4.0.

As with most outdoor clubs in Calgary, the membership of the Rosedale Tennis Club skews towards older players and a little more male than female. An annual membership for a single is about $100. Membership is open to anyone in Calgary who is prepared to join the Rosedale Community Association.

Rosedale Tennis Club was added to Racquet Network’s list of affiliated racquet sports clubs in 2017 at the request of a customer. This means that Racquet Network’s online customers can now direct part of the value of their purchase to Rosedale and the club will be able to use these sponsorship credits to purchase items for their club.

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Calgary Clay Courts

Nadir says: “I want to try playing on clay. Where can I find clay court tennis courts in Calgary?”

Good question, Adam. Calgary is definitely a hard court town. Nearly every tennis court in Calgary is a hard court, but there are a few clay courts to be found.

Elbow Park Tennis Club

The largest clay court facility in Calgary is the Elbow Park Tennis Club which is located at 800 34 Ave SW in the community of Elbow Park. It is a private club open only to members and is maintained by the Glencoe Club. Most of the club’s players are also Glencoe Club members and the club’s membership fees reflect that fact by offering them memberships at one-third less than outsiders. The facility features five clay courts and one hard court shared by approximately 200 members.

Calgary Tennis Club

Just a few kilometres northwest of Elbow Park, you will find Calgary’s largest and oldest outdoor tennis club. The Calgary Tennis Club, originally established in 1889, is a seasonal club featuring six hard courts and three clay courts. Membership for a single player starts at about $300 per season. The club has a membership base in the neighbourhood of about 600 players.

Tennis Calgary has members from both clubs. So if you have any questions about either club, please feel free to post your question in the members’ activity feed. And if you have any questions about tennis in Calgary, please let us know. We are more than happy to help.