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Tennis: How to Serve

Contrary to popular belief, serving with power is the not the most important characteristic of a tennis serve. In fact there are four things that matter more than power. 1st Priority: Serve the Ball In It doesn’t matter how hard you can hit your serve. If your serve doesn’t land in, it hurts you. The […]

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Receive Well — Give Better

One of the biggest differences between intermediate tennis players and advanced players is found in their ability to move around the court and hit ground strokes. Advanced players move around the court and hit the ball back fairly consistently while intermediate players (3.0-3.5) struggle with many shots that requirement movement. So what can intermediate players […]

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Tennis Pushers — 5 Ways to Beat Them

Pushers, in tennis, are players who do not have the training or technical skills to hit normal forehand or backhand strokes. Often, they hold their tennis racquet like a frying pan and simply push balls back to the other side of the court. To make things worse, their unorthodox grips usually create backspin or sidespin […]

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