Free Racquet Stringing for Frequent Players

Racquet Network appreciates and rewards players who are active in helping to grow their sports by keeping our readers informed about what is happening at their club or at the public courts in their community.

Players who will take the time to answer questions, help players who are new to Calgary and assist new players as they figure out where to play and who to play are making important contributions to the growth of racquet sports in Calgary. They are helping to retain players at a time when digital devices are diminishing participation in virtually all sports.

One of the many ways we reward frequent players who make these contributions is through our free stringing upgrades program.

Active players who have achieved specific participation milestones are eligible for free racquet stringing upgrades at Racquet Network. Players who have reached the highest participation levels qualify for free racquet stringing.

It’s a small thing, but it’s one of the many ways that we say thank you to players who are playing a lot and who are actively contributing to the growth of their sport in Calgary by sharing their local knowledge and offering encouragement to other players.

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