Tennis Calgary’s mission is to help grow participation in the sport of tennis in Calgary by offering useful information about tennis activities to our customers.

Non-Profit vs For-Profit

Tennis Calgary is not a non-profit organization. This is because Tennis Calgary is not an organization at all. Tennis Calgary is a service provided by Racquet Network to Racquet Network customers.

Loss Leader

Tennis Calgary was deliberately created as a “loss leader”, which is defined as an unprofitable product or service offered below cost in order to stimulate sales of other products or services.

In other words, Racquet Network is offering this service for free to our customers because we believe that it will help grow the sport of tennis and that our Calgary based family business will benefit from that growth in the long term.

We realize, of course, that growing the sport of tennis in this way will help our competitors as well, but we are OK with that. We see it as win-win-win. It is a win for us, a win for our customers AND a win for our industry. So in our minds, it is a worthwhile investment in a sport we all love.

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