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How to Become a Club Blogger

Club Bloggers help our community by keeping us up-to-date on the things that are happening at their club.

If the hours change, they tell us. If the prices change, they tell us. If the club creates a new drop-in program, they tell us. New staff, new lessons, new opportunities, basically anything new happening at their club is communicated to our members by official Club Bloggers.

Club bloggers also help their clubs by making sure that our staff and customers are aware of new developments at their club. Since Racquet Network is Calgary’s largest community of racquet sports players, it makes sense to let us know about anything new that is going on at their clubs. Because if we know about it, chances are good that we will communicate it to our customers and our players.

As a reward for staying on top of things, Club Bloggers are given activity points which help them climb the ranks in our community. The longer they do it, the higher their rank. The higher their rank, the more benefits they enjoy.

Club Bloggers who reach the LEADER level are eligible for no-deposit demos. At the MASTER level, they get free stringing upgrades. And beginning at the HERO level, they get staff price on everything.

Racquet Network recognizes only one club blogger from each club as an official Club Blogger. If you want to be the official blogger for your club, contact us at orders@racquetnetwork.com. If nobody else is recognized, you can start blogging immediately.


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