Superheros Get Staff Price on Everything

Frequent players spend a lot of money on stuff. Racquets, strings, shoes, bags, grips, balls. You name it. If you need it to play your game, you know it costs money.

Good news, though. There is way to get everything you need to play at staff price. No more retail. No more special offers. Everything permanently on sale. Everything you need at staff price.

Racquet Network SUPERHEROES have all made significant contributions to their sports and to the Calgary racquet sports community. In recognition of this contribution, they can buy up to $1000 of gear per year from Racquet Network per year at staff price.

How much do they save? Consider this example. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price on a Yonex Duora Z-Strike racquet is $340.00. The staff price on that same racquet is just $213.00. That’s a discount of 35% on one racquet alone. Or in dollars and cents: $127.00.

Why do SUPERHEROES get such amazing deals? The simple answer is that they have earned them.

SUPERHEROES have spent a significant amount of time and energy helping us build our player network. They have helped new players figure out how to get involved and how to find people to play with. They have played and reported hundreds of matches within our communities since they were founded way back in 2004.

So to all of us here at Racquet Network, SUPERHEROES feel like part of the team. Even though they don’t work with us in the store, we understand that they do a lot of free work for the network out there. So we treat them like staff. And as staff, they get the same discounts as our coaches and employees.

Racquet Network SUPERHEROS enjoy …

  • staff pricing on the first $1000 in purchases during calendar years in which they are actively engaged
  • consideration for a one-year brand sponsorship from a major racquet sports brand
  • 50% off of all string for personal racquets
  • no-deposit demos
  • 75% discount on membership renewal fees
  • FREE stringing upgrades
  • 100% discount on all ACTIVITIES
  • members-only special offers
  • members-only events
  • verified instructors at this level are also eligible for a 100% reduction in transaction fees

How can you become a SUPERHERO? Do they same things they have done. Earn 5000 activity points the same way they have earned them.

It won’t happen overnight. In most cases it takes three to five years to earn that many points. But you will get there eventually. And when you do, you will enjoy all of the benefits that SUPER HEROES enjoy, including everything you need at staff price.


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