How to Use Points to Save Money

Racquet Network’s online communities were set up as premium free services for our customers. This means that our customers get access to awesome premium content for free. Tennis Calgary, Squash Calgary, Badminton Calgary, Pickleball Calgary and Running Calgary are all premium free services created to thank our customers for choosing us over our competitors.

The benefits to our customers do not stop there, however. Once players are in the door, so to speak, they can earn even more benefits by becoming active players and leaders within our premium communities.

“Earn” is the key word here, though. We do not reward members for being passive observers. We reward members for being active on court, active in the community and active in our store. Virtually all of these activities allow our members to earn points and climb our ranks.

Every week during the active part of the season, we send out special offers to players who have reached certain ranks. Sometimes these are discounts. Sometimes they are special activities. These offers reward active players for being active. It is our way of thanking players who lead the way in creating interest in and enthusiasm for our sports.

In addition to these special offers, some ranks in our points program have permanent, built-in rewards. For example, players who have achieved the rank of LEADER get access to no-deposit demo racquets while players ranked as MASTERS get free stringing upgrades. At the highest rank, some players even qualify for a full-ride brand sponsorship.

So if your goal is to save money, your first step is to become an active participant in this community. Earn points by logging in everytime you come to this website. Earn more points by connecting with other members online, on court and in-store.

The more active you are the more points you earn. The more you have the more you save.



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