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  • connect with Calgary’s tennis community
  • full list of clubs and facilities
  • news & info about Calgary tennis
  • access to lessons, programs & activities
  • connect with other players
  • special offers from Racquet Network


New memberships are processed

  • in-store
  • in person
  • by appointment only

Please note that we do not accept walk-ins and we no longer accept new member registrations online.

An appointment with an expert is required so that we can meet prospective new members, help them complete their profiles and get them oriented.

Prospective new members should send an email requesting an orientation appointment to

Our e-Commerce Manager will connect new members to an expert who will interview them and help them set up their member account. This orientation session typically takes about 30-minutes to complete.

Requirements for new members

  • must be 18 years of age or older
  • must have made a purchase in the past 90 days
  • must be a new member (not previously registered)
  • profile must be complete before account can be activated


People who are already registered cannot be considered as NEW members and are not eligible for new memberships.

People who are already registered may extend their memberships at any time.

Every purchase made online or in-store extends current memberships. Customers whose memberships have expired also have the option of purchasing 30 day membership extensions through this website.

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