This community is an extension of Racquet Network’s customer service. It was set up to help our tennis customers connect with each other and with the broader tennis community in Calgary.

Our hope is that this website encourages participation and increases retention by offering a number of pathways and opportunities to adult tennis players at all levels.

All membership fees for this community and our other sports communities are structured so that loyal Racquet Network customers do not have to pay them.

NEW MEMBERSHIPS for Tennis Calgary are free for Racquet Network customers. If you have made a purchase in the past 90 days, look for a coupon code on your sales receipt. Please enter this coupon code into your CART for a 100% discount on your membership fees.

EXISTING MEMBERSHIPS for Tennis Calgary can be extended by one day for every dollar spent in store or online. This policy means that regular customers should rarely, if ever, have to pay membership fees.

People who are not Racquet Network customers have the option of accessing these services by paying the required membership fees which are currently $100 for the first year and and $10 per month thereafter.



This community offers Ladies Only options. Women who do not wish to be contacted by men may choose those options and will have our full support.

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