Affiliated Instructors

There is only one pathway to becoming an affiliated instructor who is authorized to teach lessons in this community and that pathway starts with becoming a verified member and working your way up through the ranks.

We call this paying your dues. Anybody who wants to offer lessons as a certified instructor in this community must pay their dues. They must make a measurable contribution to community engagement before applying to become an affiliated instructor.

Once they have made that contribution and once they have demonstrated that they meet our community standards, they can be registered as VERIFIED INSTRUCTORS and may begin offering lessons and programs to our members.

Racquet Network does not profit from lessons purchased by members of the community. We charge instructors a small transaction fee to cover administration costs for this website, but everything else goes directly to the instructor.

Instructors set their own rates, determine the content of their own lessons and provide their own facilities and equipment. Racquet Network verifies that instructors are actually certified and that they meet our professional teaching standards. We also hold onto the student’s payment until all lessons ordered are complete and a review is submitted. But we are not involved in the lessons process beyond that.

Our objective is to purely one of quality control. We want ensure that the quality of the lessons marketplace in this community is protected for clients and instructors. We want to ensure that the clients are getting what they pay for and that the instructors who put time and energy into developing this community are protected from the many frauds in our industry who call themselves instructors.

Affiliated Instructor Requirements

  • must be a verified member of the community
  • must have current certification
  • must meet community standards
  • must demonstrate an ability to teach private lessons
  • must be an active member ranked MASTER or higher

Affiliated Instructors

  • Brent Johner (retired)
  • Kiefer Waite
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