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This is an online community. There are activities which are organized by our staff and there are matches which are organized by the members themselves.

Our staff are responsible for maintaining the website, directing events in the ACTIVITIES section of the catalog and teaching the lessons in the LESSONS section of the catalog.

Our staff do not get involved in games or matches. They are not permitted to play with members. Games and matches are entirely in the hands of the members themselves.


Members who wish to find other members to play with are invited to search the member directory and friend other players. Players will also have opportunities to meet other players at activities, events and group lessons.


Invitations and announcements for events, activities and special offers are made to members of this community through e-newsletters. Members who want to be invited to participate must subscribe. Please choose from the list offered below.

This list is visible only to members. Please login to view this content.

REMEMBER – If you are not subscribed, you will not be invited. And if you do not open the email notifications we send you, you will be unsubscribed automatically.


There are two messaging options on this website: public and private.

All members may communicate via public messages. Our advice is to communicate with new players via public messages until you are certain that you want to be friends with them. Once you have accepted them as FRIENDS, you will be able to communicate with them via private messages. In fact, only your friends can send you private messages on this website.

Private messaging is set up on this site for a reason: it allows you to communicate privately with other players without revealing your email address. Your phone number is also kept private. You have the option to override your phone number privacy settings, but by default your phone number is unpublished. Please do not, under any circumstances, publish your personal contact information in public messages on this website. Our private messaging system may be less convenient than email-to-email communications, but using it will help you maintain your privacy.


Ladies. We understand that many of you are here because your are looking for other ladies to play with. In fact, many of you ONLY want to play with other ladies. That is perfectly acceptable. Our system is set up to to facilitate that. All we ask is that you make your intentions clear. If you don’t want play with guys, say so in your profile. If you don’t want to play with guys, don’t accept their friendship requests. If you have accepted a guy’s friendship request by mistake, unfriend them immediately. And if anybody is harassing you or generally acting creepy or inappropriately, please send our staff a private message so we can intervene. It is absolutely essential to us that our female players feel safe. We do not tolerate harassment in any form.


Guys. We understand that most of you are looking for other guys at your level to play with. That’s awesome. Our system is set up to to facilitate that. However, there are always a few guys in the mix who imagine that this is a dating site. To be clear, this is not a dating site. Everybody here wants to play. Full stop. End of story. So for that reason we ask that you look carefully at a lady’s profile before sending her a friendship request. Unless her profile says that she wants to play with men, please leave her alone.


Just as the private message system was set up on this site for a reason, so is there a reason for the ACTIVITIES section. Activities give our members opportunities to meet face to face. While there are always a nucleus of players who are all business and who are interested in one thing and one thing only — playing matches — we know that the majority of our members are looking for some variety in their sports diet. Off court training, team practices, pub nights, seminars and other activities offer this variety. Attend these and we guarantee you will learn something new, you will probably improve your overall fitness and you will almost certainly add someone to your circle of athletic acquaintances.


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