Member Reviews

We all want a good community that delivers positive playing experiences for everyone. None of us want to go out the door expecting to have fun only to come home disappointed because our opponent stood us up or cheated.

Member reviews help improve the overall experience for everyone by making everyone accountable for their behavior. They help teach new members where they need to improve in order to meet our community standards.

Two things happen immediately after every match. First, the winner reports the results of the match to the MEMBER ACTIVITY feed. This is done publicly so that the losing player has an opportunity to verify what is being reported. Second, both players review each other based on community standards.

Player reviews consist of rating players in five areas of importance to the community:

  • being on time
  • being a good sport
  • playing by the rules
  • responding to messages
  • honest profiles


Was your opponent on time for the match? Players should plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the match so that they are dressed and ready to play at the scheduled start time. Players who arrive at match time are not punctual and should not get five stars.


Sore losers cannot earn five stars for sportsmanship. Neither can players who beat you and laugh at you. This community depends on all players being gracious in victory and defeat.


Our community works best when players know the rules, follow the rules and pay their fair share for court time. Players who don’t know the rules, don’t follow the rules, don’t call lines properly or fail to pay their share for court time should be flagged in the player reviews.


Our community works best when players respond quickly. Players who do not respond quickly drag everybody down. It is important to point out the best communicators by giving them five star reviews.


In our experience, guys tend to think they are better than they are while ladies tend to think they are worse than they are. The result is that most new players do not correctly identify their level of play in the profiles. Players who correctly describe their level of play in their profiles should be rewarded with five stars.


Getting five star ratings is not difficult. Most players respond to messages, show up on time, pay their share, play by the rules, act like good sports and correctly rate their level of play. So they consistently earn five star ratings.

New players who do not get five star ratings immediately should not be discouraged. Getting less than five stars just means that there are some issues that need some attention. Taking this feedback and addressing these issues will help the player become a better player and will help the community become a better community.


Reviews will not be approved for posting until reviews from both players are in. Players who refuse to post reviews or who force us to chase them for reviews will have their accounts suspended. Match results must be posted to the MEMBER ACTIVITY feed and reviews must be submitted within 24 hours of the start of the scheduled match. Winners are responsible for posting the results. Both players are responsible for reviewing each other.

Reviews cannot be appealed or contested and should not be taken personally. Whining is not cool. Retaliation is unacceptable. If you get less than five stars, address the issue and make sure you get five stars next time. If the review is unfair and there is no issue to address, forget about it and move on. If it really bothers you, don’t play that person again. We delete all reviews submitted more than a year ago because they are irrelevant.

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