Men's 4.0 Tennis Meetup Group

Men’s 4.0 Tennis Meetup Group – Volunteer Organizer

Racquet Network is seeking a volunteer to organize a regular weekly meetup group for male tennis players at the tennis courts in Woodbine.

This group will be open only to male tennis players who can prove that they are at the 4.0 level. This group will play singles tennis only — no doubles.

An organizer is needed to keep the group organized and determine the playing schedule for the week. The volunteer organizer will also manage the waiting list for this group.

The volunteer organizer of this group will be paid an honorarium in the form store credits which can be redeemed at the end of the season.

If the volunteer organizer is committed and if the players rate the volunteer organizer as very good or excellent, his honorarium will be doubled.

The volunteer organizer must be willing to purchase a membership in the Woodcreek Community Association. They must be a verified member of Tennis Calgary at the 4.0 level. And they must be available every week from now through the end of the season in October. (Two or more players may share this job if they approach us together.)

Please contact to apply.

Players at the 4.0 level who wish to join this group may do so through Tennis Calgary.

Step 1 – Join the Woodcreek Community Association
Step 2 – Join Tennis Calgary.
Step 3 – Become a verified member.
Step 4 – Become verified at the 4.0 level.
Step 5 – Join the 4.0 Men’s Meetup Group (Woodbine).

Please contact to join this group.

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