The Code of Tennis – PREFACE

The Players Guide for Tennis Matches When Officials are Not Present Section 1 – PREFACE When your serve hits your partner stationed at the net, is it a let, fault, or loss of point? Likewise, what is the ruling when your serve, before touching the ground, hits an opponent who is standing back of the […]

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Federer, Nadal and Murray Play Squash

I hear it several times every year from intermediate tennis players: “I don’t play squash,” they say, “because it screws up my tennis.” Really? Squash doesn’t seem to have hindered Roger Federer or Andy Murray. Both played it as juniors. Nor does it seem to be bothering Raphael Nadal, who started playing squash last year. […]

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Are You Fit Enough to Compete?

With the start of another tennis season just around the corner, I am reminded of a question that every player should ask themselves before setting foot on a tennis court (or any racquet sports court): Am I fit enough to play and compete without injuring myself? It’s an important question that is often overlooked. For […]

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