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Registration Open for CSSC Fall Tennis

Registration is now open for the Calgary Sport and Social Council’s fall 2017 tennis league. The registration deadline is 30 AUG 2017.

If you are not familiar with CSSC tennis programs, think beer league hockey. First you play tennis. Then you drink beer. Pretty simple and pretty fun — if you are in the right demographic.

While established tennis clubs tend to attract older adults and perhaps competitive teens and pre-teens, the CSSC beer league format focuses on unmarried or recently married players in their 20s and 30s. The level of play in their doubles leagues is strictly recreational and the emphasis is on the social experience instead of the competition.

As such, the CSSC fulfills an important function in the lifecycle of recreational tennis players by giving them opportunities to maintain contact with the sport during a period in their lives when they are otherwise busy getting married and/or starting new careers.