Shopping for Kids Tennis Lessons

Brent Johner is a certified tennis, squash, badminton and pickleball coach

Brent Johner is a certified tennis, squash, badminton and pickleball coach

When shopping for tennis lessons for their children, parents have four different kinds of lessons to consider:

  1. recreational tennis lessons (large groups)
  2. group lessons (small groups)
  3. semi-private lessons
  4. private lessons

Recreational (Large) Group Lessons

Recreational tennis lessons consist of large groups and usually involve more than one instructor. The instructor to student ratio is typically eight-to-one. If the lessons occur outdoors, the price is usually very low: less than $20 per student per hour. If the lessons occur indoors, they will cost more.

Large group lessons like these are intended for students who just want to have fun with a tennis racquet in their hand. One-on-one instruction is minimal due to the large student-to-instructor ratio. Students in these programs can and probably will learn something about tennis. However, the emphasis in these programs is to create a fun atmosphere and teach kids to enjoy tennis.

Small Group Lessons

Small group lessons typically have a student-to-instructor ratio of six-to-one or less. The price for small group lessons is higher than for recreational group lessons. However, the fact that there are fewer students ensures that each will get more one-on-one time with the tennis instructor.

Students in small group lessons will typically spend less time waiting their turn and more time actively acquiring and improving tennis skills. Therefore the opportunity to learn more per lesson exists — although not all children will take advantage of this opportunity. Prices vary from $20 to $40 per hour.

Semi-private Lessons

Semi-private tennis lessons usually consist of one instructor with two or three students. Although good instructors will always ensure that students have fun at every lesson, the emphasis in semi-private lessons is focused on acquiring and improving tennis skills.

Compared to group lessons, semi-private lessons require more expertise, more one-on-one instruction and more equipment. As a result, the costs are higher than in group lessons — expect to pay $40 $60 per hour depending on the number of students.

Private Lessons

Private lessons ensure that your child will have the instructor’s full attention for the entire lesson. However, in most cases, this is not necessary. Most children will, in fact, learn better and enjoy themselves more in small group or semi-private lessons than in private lessons.

However, a small percentage of students will benefit from the one-on-one instruction offered in private tennis lessons. Foremost among these children are those with short attention spans and those who are exceptionally gifted tennis players for their ages. Expect to pay at least $60 per hour for private tennis lessons. If the lessons are indoors, add up to 50 per cent.

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