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Tennis Balls that Save You Money

As you can imagine, I spend a LOT of time hanging around tennis courts. As a result, I spend a lot of time watching recreational tennis players. And as a result of this, I can tell you that most recreational players are playing with the wrong balls.

I’m not talking about color coding here. That’s a different issue. I’m talking about regular players playing with regular tennis balls. Most of them are wasting their money and wasting their time.

Regular tennis balls come in a can. That can is pressurized, which is why it sounds like a soda when you pop the seal and open it. From the moment you open it, the ball starts losing pressure. If you drop a new ball when you first open the can, it will bounce up to your shoulder. Wait just two weeks and the same ball — even if it sits unused in your bag — will only bounce up to your knee.

Unless you are playing four or five days a week, pressureless tennis balls are not a wise way to spend your money. As I said above, even if you don’t use them, they will deteriorate in your bag. A much better way to go is to purchase pressureless balls. Pressureless balls never lose their bounce. You can leave them in your bag all winter and they will bounce the same in the spring.

Babolat Academy balls are available in our southwest Calgary store. They can be purchased individually or in money-saving multiples. They are designed for use in teaching programs and ball machines, so they are extremely durable and long lasting.