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Tennis Calgary Rewards Meetup Organizers

Tennis Calgary appreciates volunteers who take the time to organize local tennis meetups in their own communities. These grassroots meetups are essential to the long term persistence of the sport in Calgary. Without them, tennis will become an indoor sport for the wealthy.

True. Volunteers who organize official meetups do get the bonus of always getting to play and never having to sit on the sidelines and for most volunteers, that is enough reward. But Tennis Calgary goes further because we understand that there are times when being a volunteer offers some challenges — especially when it rains every night in June.

Every volunteer meetup organizer is paid an honorarium for their efforts immediately upon completion of their meetup schedule. If the players attending the meetup rate the organizer as very good or excellent, we double the honorarium.

In addition to the honorarium, every meetup organizer has many opportunities to become a sponsored played under our Volunteer Catalyst program.

And finally, thanks to the Activity Points system on our website, all active volunteers are able to rack points up quickly, which means that they can quickly get to membership levels that offer all kinds of awesome rewards like free stringing and staff price on everything.

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