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Three Ways We Save You Money

Three ways we save you money …

1. Community Sponsorships

When top brands give us sponsorship deals, we pass these deals along to active players in our network. While most racquet stores either pass this stuff along for tournaments to give away put it into inventory to sell to customers, we give it to our members. In this way, we reward Volunteer Catalysts and members ranked at the level of Superhero for contributing to the growth of our sport.

2. Free Stuff

We do the same thing with samples. When our suppliers give us samples, we pass them along to our members through the FREE STUFF section of our community website. While most stores will simply put samples into inventory to sell, we make sure that the samples we are given actually get into the hands of our players. We even have to have rules to prevent greedy people from snapping up all of the free samples for themselves.

3. Hot Deals

Finally, we work hard to save our members money by seeking out hot deals and sharing them with our online player communities. If a supplier is offering a quality product at an exceptional price, we take on the risk of buying it and sharing it with our players.

Active members of this community, can be sure that they are always getting the best deals we have to offer. We appreciate their loyalty and we are prepared to work how to show that appreciation.

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