Verified Member Giveaway

Verified Member Giveaway

Every month, we give something away to our verified members.

For the next few months we are giving way Wilson bags and racquets.

The racquet we are giving away is a Wilson Team 105. Retail value: $100.00. We have four to give away.

The bag we are giving is a Wilson ladies backpack. Retail value: $120.00. We have four to give away.

All you need to do to win is be a verified member in good standing.

What does good standing mean? It means that your membership is current and has not yet expired. (Not sure? Ask the coach on this website at

What does verified member mean? It means that you have completed your member profile and have then stopped by the store to have it verified by our staff.

How do you know if you are verified? Take at look at your profile under MY STUFF/MY PROFILE. If there is a colored checkmark next to your username, you are verified. If not, you are not.

Verified members can enter to win our prize giveaway every month. Every member can win once a year.

Just stop by the store and drop a copy of a recent receipt in the prize box.

If you don’t have a receipt, fill out an entry form.

Each member can enter once per month. Entry forms are shredded every month, so make sure you stop by the store at least once month.

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