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Woodbine Tennis Club

Woodcreek Tennis Club
36 Woodborough Rd SW
Calgary, AB

This is a proposed new tennis club for Calgary that would serve residents in the southwest communities of Woodbine and Woodlands. It is expected that this new tennis club would also draw members from the surrounding communities of Cedarbrae, Braeside and Canyon Meadows, which do not have tennis clubs of their own.

The Woodcreek Community Association is currently seeking a volunteer to organize activities at their tennis courts which are located at 36 Woodborough Rd SW.

This facility has an established base of local players and appears to be an excellent location for a new startup tennis club in southwest Calgary. It includes three tennis courts, two pickleball courts, a tennis backboard and a small storage building with an active power supply.

This outdoor tennis facility also features a basketball hoop, a skateboard park, an ice skating rink, a sports field and a nearby elementary school, all of which help to draw local families into the area on a year round basis.

Volunteers interested in helping to establish the new club are encouraged to contact the Woodcreek Community Association at (403) 238-1611.

Racquet Network will offer our full support to help this volunteer get started, should they want our assistance. We have several hundred racquet sports customers in Woodbine/Woodlands and surrounding communities and would be willing to promote a founding meeting for the new club. We would also be able to provide some guidance regarding grant applications for any equipment or infrastructure the new club might need.

Racquet Network’s owner, Brent Johner, was the key organizer behind the development of the Oakridge Racquet Club. Under his direction, the club was able to get funding for new tennis/pickleball court construction which resulted in a new tennis club with six new tennis courts and 14 pickleball courts. Brent is willing to act as a voluntary advisor to the volunteers in Woodbine, but would not be willing to be directly involved in the political affairs of the club or the community association.

In addition to the above, Racquet Network is willing to provide assistance in the areas of fundraising and meeting space while the new club gets organized, if such support is requested.

Please contact Brent Johner directly at for more information about how Racquet Network is willing to help, if interested.